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Recording Sight and sound for all occasions

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     We are currently offering the following services.

  • Full video production with multiple camera angles. (See our Video Gallery)
  • Standard Def and High Definition 1080i Videography
  • Digital Photography
  • 24 track digital audio recording on location or in our studio
  • Experts in Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop
  • CD reproduction, Label design and printing
  • High Resolution scanning and printing of old photos
  • Video and Audio conversion from 8mm, cassette, LP, or even 8-track!
  • Audio dubbing. We create mix tapes for various groups (cheer squads, dance teams)
  • Output to DVD, CD or tape
  • Full 24 track digital audio support for band demos, concerts etc...
  • Custom Logo design and printing on just about anything

    NEW: Now offering aerial photography in association with ALPHA AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY

    Weddings, Parties, Graduations.
    We can even shoot trail rides and boating fun as we access to horses, boat and all types of off road vehicles.
    Special discounts for bands: Live 24 track on site recording with video for demos.